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The entertainment at HumDrum 2014 was provided by Hemlock Morris who did their colourful Morris dancing around the site, Blessem did a sweet set of original songs endearing themselves to the audience with their gentle fun and natural talent, Soma played their highly original “Indo-Afro-Didgeriblues music”, Tall Paul the didgeridoo expert blew the audience away, Yaw Asiyama did his heart stopping poems and stories and ended his set with a touching rendition of "Everything’s gonna be alright", not a dry eye left in the house, Faeries Wear Boots got the joint jumpin’ with their own brand of  very up tempo folk music, Mussa M’boob and Xam Xam played their own style of  very danceable African pop and The Halfmoon Drum Circle were highly entertaining ending their set with an open workshop as usual. Huge fun!


The musical highlight of the weekend for many people was an impromptu open mic jam session from heaven which included Hans Karsson on didgeridoo from Holland, Sandeep Raval on tabla and djembe drums, Didge Pete on hand pan Michelle Marcus-Deardon on didgeridoo and Paul Jackson on sitar! The audience were stunned by the sheer virtuosity on stage and I don’t think anyone will ever forget it!


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