Ant Sauchella


Ant Sauchella born at Contrada Marone, Pagani, in the Beneventan region of Italy. He is a bilingual facilitator & workshop leader having worked in the field of sculpture and fine art for the major part of his life.

Leading workshops, as a sound creation artist as well as environmental art, also working as artist in residence, in the field of sculpture, performance art, environmental art, and as a sound creation artist, and works in such varied spaces as schools, colleges, gatherings, festivals, special schools for the profoundly disabled, special needs, using sound as a tool for self-empowerment, and well-being.

Working with instruments ancient and modern, some of which he has fashioned himself. He is also a concert performer, both as a solo artist as well as collaborating with other musicians and sound creation artists, and is a  practitioner of Nada or Sound Yoga. Ant has performed and performs in a variety of spaces using a wide spectrum of instruments such as Gongs, Himalayan singing bowels, shamanic drum and other percussion instruments, Temple bell, Bells, Tubular bells, Sounding plates, String instruments such as Dulcimer etc., Native American Flutes, Flutes various ethnic origin, Mouth organ, Didge, the Voice, Mantra, Chants and Vocables.

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